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I Saw You Dancing...
I saw you dancing.
To music only We could hear.
You didn't do it well, but You did it with joy.
I wanted to feel like that.
So I rose from my seat by Him and joined You.
I didn't do it well either, but it was fun.
Soon You gave me a smile I hadn't worn in years.
He looked so sad, sitting alone.
I danced back to Him and offered my hand.
I offered my smile.
He tripped over his feet and felt out of place.
Unable to hear Our music.
Embarrassed to stumble and fall.
He returned to his seat.
It wasn't enough that He couldn't dance.
He pulled me with him.
Smile stolen.
I shouldn't seek joy outside of Him.
I still watched You.
You caught me doing so.
I caught my feet moving to Our music.
He caught my gaze.
I shouldn't need anything, but Him.
But I needed to dance.
He tried to hold me, but the music was stronger.
I'm sorry He could never hear it.
My feet carried me back to You.
You again returned my smile.
We danced together without grace.
You taught me joy.
I found the song in my heart, You gav
:iconcrazedbycalliope:CrazedByCalliope 11 5
La Calavera Catrina :iconcrazedbycalliope:CrazedByCalliope 12 5
Mature content
Bruises on the Inside :iconcrazedbycalliope:CrazedByCalliope 6 3
Amor de los Muertos :iconcrazedbycalliope:CrazedByCalliope 5 2



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Hunger Now Available!My first novel "Hunger" is now available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Goodreads, and more! You can check it out and read the first two chapters on my website:

Christie Goldenwulfe's book is now out. 

I'm going to be brutally honesty, I went into this with low expectations. Not because of the author mind you. I've been a fan of her artwork for years. I LOVE werewolves, but I've never been big on romance novels. Vapid and shallow things like Harlequin books with Fabio pasted on the front are not my style. And in a world where the standard for paranormal romance is set to the standard of Twilight, well who can blame me for being trepidatious? I wanted to support this book though, because of that love of wolves and because as mentioned I've followed the artist for a long time.

Well imagine my delight when I was, beyond pleasantly surprised. I loved it! I finished it way more quickly than expected, partially because I couldn't put it down! The characters are well put together and believable. I need to like, highlight that and underline it. Believable people. The main characters to wax on about each other a bit more than you'd find in a non-romance novel. But I didn't mind that too much. The story line was compelling and I was surprised to see more good story underlining the romance. It's not just about the bow chica! Though those bits are well written as well.

This is where I insert a small warning to the non-Were community. This is DEFINITELY a real werewolf romance novel here. There are some things that some might find very different than the normal sexual interaction. That said, I feel the author tried to please both sides of the fence, those that know the ropes, and those that might just be testing the waters. She doesn't make it overwhelming.

I can't wait for the second installment, damn leaving off on a cliffhanger!

Get out there and read this! Leave her reviews! Support the awesome!
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Hey! I'm Telly. I write, and play with pictures, bake, and generally just putz around. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the interwebs.


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